Monday, October 25, 2010

Comparison of SCA with OSGI

SCA has recently looked at norms and OSGI specifications. After reading again to make a comprehensive comparison between the two.

First, the two normative starting point and the mind is not the same. SCA specification is for enterprise application integration and development, OSGI specification is the original purpose of computing for mobile devices drawn. Since the two different starting point, leading to the focus of two different specifications. SCA specifications version now is 0.95, relative OSGI specification 4.0 version also appears to be somewhat immature.

SCA specification focuses on solving the existing call between enterprise applications and enterprise applications to service-oriented thinking on how to build and deploy. However, the realization of the component requirements in respect of the container is some lack of standing on the user's perspective simply describes the specifications of the client API.

The OSGI specification as the initial starting point is the computing environment for mobile devices, so more consideration to the run-time framework and services in the run time of the dynamic matching problem. In addition, the application provides a run time of hot deployment, analysis, operation, unloading capacity. It should be said, OSGI specification 4.0 has been developed to a relatively well regulated.

SCA SCA specifications now on the realization of the container, not one of guiding ideas, but OSGI standard in this area have done very refined. OSGI specification defines a Framework, Start Level, Package Admin, Security, a detailed description of the dependence between different components of the rules (static dependency, dynamic import), between the different components of the class name using a separate space.

As the SCA specifications for enterprise application integration, the implementation of SCA components can be Java, BPEL, EJB, WebService. The implementation of OSGI only for Java language. This is also the starting point because the two different result.

The SCA and OSGI the assembly model, the two are similar. Both are outside services (Service), but the SCA is more emphasis on design time component assembly, and the definition of a flexible component assembly model, the smallest atomic components can be assembled into a large system.

Has been achieved from the existing products of view, OSGI more be used as a single product of the overall structure, SCA specifications are more business-oriented components used in the assembly specification, as the structure of how the SCA products SCA specification is not a concern.

From the comparison on top can see the obvious shortcomings of the two separately, SCA specifications too much emphasis on integration, but the running time of the SCA component behavior description is too weak, all the components are designed to achieve time bound. Perhaps the product can be achieved in the SCA runtime dynamic binding, but as a norm, this is what it lacks. OSGI standard description of the components of the running time is complete, but all components must run in the same virtual machine, virtual machine service component interoperability is slightly insufficient.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Large LCD and plasma was born in the price of 30,000 yuan or more Changhong

Yesterday, Mianyang Changhong headquarters a festivity. Day, with independent intellectual property rights made the biggest flat-panel TV --- 55 inches LCD TV and 65-inch plasma TV was born in Sichuan Changhong, and to achieve mass production. This is the second in 2002 Changhong launched the industry's largest 30-inch LCD TV was the industry to hold the event again after the pull. It is understood that production of two product lines to China's first fully independent intellectual property rights to enjoy the biggest flat-panel production lines, production of technical standards fully meet the 120-inch flat panel TV above the level.

Yesterday afternoon, Sichuan Changhong, held a grand "largest flat-panel production line built the largest flat panel TV volume off the assembly line cum" ceremony, 100 guests from the community were invited to participate. Changhong Vice Chairman, Executive Vice President Liu Bin, and the body of digital flat panel displays, general manager of Changhong CHEN Ning, Changhong Marketing (China) General Manager Guo Dexuan and technical experts, Changhong, a sensory evaluation division to attend ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Chang Ning, general manager of digital flat panel displays, said Changhong launched the first of the largest flat-panel TV and mass production, which is integrated upstream and downstream resources, Changhong, the results of the implementation of technology innovations, marks the level of Changhong flat chain operations to a whole new level. He also revealed that two models from the design input, research and development to trial by Changhong, "Teacher Evaluation and feel" full participation and full sense of belonging, "and feel products."

It is understood that Changhong 55-inch LCD and 65-inch plasma TV with a number of patented technologies Changhong, system applications, "flat-panel imaging golden triangle" of audio and video integrated systems, horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 176 degrees, highlighting the industry unique, in the light, dark watch mode optical field. In addition, the series for the first time using touch-button design, Blu-ray arising from the operation demonstrated technology charm.

On-site experts, Changhong flat newly built production line is by far the largest, highest-tech production line of flat-panel TVs, meet from 7 inches to 120 inches above the mass production of a full range of flat-panel TV requirements. The production line adopts parts processing, surface mount, wave soldering, ESD protection, the appearance of a number of Changhong patent protection, test instrumentation, technology management are at the international advanced level.

The expert analysis, Changhong have independent intellectual property rights and the largest flat panel TV product line also displayed before the public, marked the intellectual property system in the industry, Changhong building taken a substantial step.


Listing price in mid-June more than 30,000

Changhong 55-inch LCD TV and 65-inch plasma TV, when a listed company? Yesterday, Changhong Marketing (China) General Manager Guo Dexuan said Changhong 1000 first-order 55-inch and 65 inch flat panel TV, in mid-June, global availability, provided the first major European countries, advertising and e-commerce operators. Chengdu consumers can see the product in mid-June. As the price of the product, Guo said the good time being disclosed. According to industry sources, based on current market conditions, estimate the price of 3 million yuan.

Changhong large flat-panel listing of strategy is very beneficial for their flat. Earlier, the domestic authority of the monitoring body of data shows that this 1 to 5 months, Changhong flat-panel TV sales grew 380% market share among the "top three" in Sichuan and Chongqing, North China and East China regional market share has soared to No. 1 .


Changhong is the new rising power

"The future is a large plate era." Yesterday, Vice Chairman Chang, Deputy General Manager Liu Bin, passionate body said. Liu said the maximum size of the market for the 50-inch LCD, plasma 63 inches, and basically dominated by the Japanese and Korean enterprises. Changhong The large volume flat products offline, at least three points, one, reflects the advantage of Changhong's technology scale; 2, indicating Changhong is the rapid rise of the power of a large plate; 3, breaking the Japanese and Korean companies in large flat monopoly.

With the new "weapons and ammunition"

Yesterday, Changhong Marketing (China) General Manager Guo Dexuan, very happy at the production site. He laughed and said, made the biggest flat-panel TV --- 55-inch LCD TV and 65-inch plasma TV was born in Sichuan Changhong is significant, fully illustrates the transformation of Changhong's strength and success of Changhong. The future, including 120-inch flat panel, Changhong may also pioneered. Guo high hopes for this group of products, said the move will mean "for our marketing team to provide new weapons and ammunition."


Changhong to build "digital Supremacy"

Changhong, China's color TV industry has a pivotal role. During the past decades, Changhong successfully seized the CRT color TV, projection TV two opportunities for industrial upgrading, became the world's second-largest TV company, today Zhao Yong has achieved at flat-panel TVs, whether or not to rewrite China and the world TV industry structure it? Perhaps the recent action from Changhong find the answers.

The new bureau opened flat

With the rise of flat-panel TV market, foreign giants have unanimously thrown their own "plate" strategy, not only the traditional home appliance giant, "rush", even Dell, HP, Motorola, IT, telecommunications companies have to share. On December 20 last year, Changhong has finally unveiled the mystery for everyone.

In the press conference, Changhong was declared fully into the flat panel television, flat panel industry on R & D, manufacturing and marketing policies to tilt towards the world within two years, three flat-panel TV manufacturers, TV manufacturers from a traditional to information appliances, digital media developers of successful transition.

Deputy general manager of Changhong, said Zheng Guangqing, Changhong will take the following aspects of the strategy: First, plans to invest 1 billion yuan for the flat-panel TV technology development; two, seize the trend of 3C integration, the user build a flat-panel TV for the terminal digital home entertainment center; 3, open up the flat industrial chain, and upstream and downstream parts supplier companies to form a strong industry cluster, to play a chain competitive advantage.

To break the blockade Technology

It is understood that flat panel TV is a new development trend of China's color TV enterprises are to achieve a greater development, it must occupy high ground in the field of flat panel TVs.

Changhong promotion of high-profile flat-panel TVs, flat-panel TV is the key technology of capturing the "Golden Triangle plate imaging." It is understood that "flat-panel imaging Golden Triangle" is the world's most advanced flat-panel TV technology, X-power super power chip, five-time intelligence "golden ratio" and the ultra-fine screen in Korea three organic integration, so that Product image quality and sound effects have a breakthrough to improve and effectively overcome the ordinary flat TV brightness is not high, and poorly, trailing "fuzzy" and the fulfillment of 720p, 1080p high-definition formats such as global digital reception. The technology of capture means that Changhong had first broken the blockade of multinational technology so that the quality of domestic flat-panel TV is enough and comparable to foreign brands.

To create a flat myth?

Flat-panel TV is only "digital Changhong," the first step, Changhong ultimate goal is to rely on digital technology, integrated wired and wireless networks, and construct a terminal for the main family TV multimedia information center, to achieve interoperability between appliances to form a fully meet user needs, "digital home", to best satisfy people's growing need for audio-visual entertainment. This is the biggest task facing Zhao Yong.

Industry insiders believe that the current flat-panel TV brand in Japan and South Korea are still dominant, but with the consumer market development and domestic enterprises such as Changhong, research and development, personnel, and funding increase investment, product advantage will become increasingly prominent on the Century 90's expulsion of foreign domestic color TV brands together achieved a major victory for the brand and, ultimately, history may repeat itself.


Changhong Digital Flat Display Company Profile

R & D team, professional digital flat panel display company has a team of doctors, masters, national and provincial figures show that more than 150 technical experts composed of high-quality R & D team, including professional bachelor degree or above accounted for more than 90%.

Great technological innovation through the accumulation of years of R & D capabilities, the company has developed with independent intellectual property rights in the rear, "a new cooling technology", "intelligent digital progressive scan conversion," and many other advanced international and domestic leading rear projection core technology, "flat-panel imaging Golden Triangle" and almost a hundred patents.

Changhong introduced flat-panel digital flat panel display manufacturing plant the company flat-panel manufacturing plant was established in 2002, is specialized in LCD TV, plasma TV and display manufacturing establishments. Changhong now has its own manufacturing plant design, installation of advanced plasma production lines, large-screen LCD production line, small-screen LCD production line, production line of several movement. Since its establishment, has formed a liquid crystal and plasma flat panel products from 7 inches to 120 inches or more, a total of over a hundred kinds of products, strong production lineup, with annual output of 100 million digital flat panel display production capacity, to become the largest flat panel products production base.


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flame motion animation in the law

Animated flame is often needed to show an animation phenomenon. Fire can also be divided into: a small flame (such as burning candles, matches burning, etc.), the larger the fire (such as firewood burning, etc.), raging (such as fires, etc) some. In the cartoon, it is common to have three. Here, we demonstrate the greater the fire, in the hope that we can help. I hope you whiskey!

Fire within the flame and the outer flame is formed. No matter how big the fire, the combustion process will be under the influence of flow reveals the strength of irregular movement. But they all have a basic law of motion:

That is, expansion, contraction, shaking up the next collection, separation, disappeared. Flame when the fastest speed at the bottom, the more up more slowly, until the disappearance. The shape of the flame under fire often changes the size and direction.

Here is the screen frame by frame analysis:

This picture is the fire of the first frame, we have to deal with by contract.

This picture is expanded, this time because of air flow, hot air rises, the outer flame and flame out in the expansion of the number of specific expansion, you can plot the needs and design sense to tune up.

Hot air rising within the flame and the outer flame of fire to Shangcuan.

Because of the wind, the fire will be in about the same time to Shangcuan shaking.

When the flame to a certain limit, the outer flame to Shangcuan the same time and the following fire separation, which is separated.

Then the above

Separated from the flame to continue to increase, rising at the same time it disappeared. The following flame that we received it the next. Then and the screen of a formation cycle.

When the fire into the loop of irregular movement rule, and if we do fire when the cycle time longer, then the law can do many different cycles. Thus, the effect of the screen will be changing. Figure 1-6 is a loop, then we can stagger the order. This effect of the screen will be more good-looking!

In general, when designing the raging fire smoke have produced, so the screen will have good results. Have time I will in the future process of making it onto the hair.

Thank you for your support! ! !

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Flash5 ActionScript Advanced Programming Guide (8)

Third, the use of custom functions

Third, understanding: the essence of the object structure. This is already mentioned in section I passed, but made no specific explanation. Familiar with object-oriented language friends all know that the object is in the class of pre-defined, and is scheduled to die, can not be changed. However, as 3.1-style as, FAS method of the object as if it was strong from the outside added to object to, and use the assignment form, and the function body must be able to access the object through this subject.鐜板湪锛屽鏋滄垜浠妸FAS涓殑瀵硅薄姒傚康鐞嗚В涓篊璇█涓殑缁撴瀯浣擄紝鑰屾妸瀵硅薄鏂规硶鐞嗚В涓虹粨鏋勪綋涓殑鍑芥暟鎸囬拡鍙橀噺锛屽啀鏉ョ湅鐪?.1寮忥紝鏄笉鏄氨鍙戠幇鍘熸潵鎵?皳鐨勫畾涔夋柟娉曞彧涓嶈繃鏄湪缁欏嚱鏁版寚閽堝彉閲忚祴鍊肩舰浜嗐?鍐嶈仈鎯充竴涓嬶紝鏄笉鏄張鍙戠幇鍏跺疄涓嶇敤浠?箞鏃犲悕鍑芥暟锛屼笉鐢ㄤ粈涔?prototype涔熷彲浠ヤ竴鏍峰畾涔夊璞℃柟娉曠殑锛?br />銆??function myMethod() {
銆??銆??return 1;
銆??function myObject() {
this.method = myMethod;
銆??myobj = new myObject; // 3.2寮?br />銆??trace(myobj.method()); // 杈撳嚭 1
涓嶈繃鏈変竴鐐规槸鐗规畩鐨勶紝FAS閲岀殑瀵硅薄鍙互闅忔椂浠绘剰娣诲姞鎴愬憳銆傚叾瀹炶鐧戒簡鎵?皳鏋勯?鍑芥暟灏辨槸鍦ㄤ负涓?釜宸插畾涔夊ソ鐨勫璞℃坊鍔犳垚鍛樿?宸层?杩欎篃灏辨槸璇磋薄涓婇潰杩欐绋嬪簭鎴戜滑鍙互杩炴瀯閫犲嚱鏁颁篃鐪佷簡锛?br />銆??function myMethod() {
銆??銆??return 1;
銆??myobj = new Object; // 3.3寮?br />銆??myobj.method = myMethod;


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fax transition: EastFax is the rainbow after the storms

In recent years, domestic companies on creating a unique business model has been very lively discussion, Formosa Plastics founder Wang Yung-ching's "fish bone theory" in these discussions is frequently referred to, "fish bone theory" of the core is to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Domestic enterprises in the 21st century under the fierce market competition survive and develop, and take the path of the traditional extensive apparently does not work. E-office will be as cost-saving tool for office be put on the agenda, and then after years of development, when the gradual application of the various information systems and widespread, fax has become a paperless office a dead end.

90% of domestic enterprises, fax has remained an unfulfilled resources to be managed together, the bringing of a waste of time and Zijin not Hu Shi. People often use various types of fax machines or 閫氳繃 Modem to send or receive fax, fax resources from different departments can not be balanced configuration and use, with the increasing of exchange of information, fax-use is increasingly exposed: first Paper consumption is staggering, the high cost; followed all the manual work and low efficiency; plus the more active the previous day fax, brings the management chaos.

This is seen in this tight market to pursue, from 2002 to 2007, with five years of silent work and solid service, EastFax not only for the whole country opened up a whole new field of fax server market, is to become fax server industry, whether it is market share, or the degree of product specialization undisputed "number one brand." Looking back EastFax these five years, the fax server to a new way for users to provide fast, efficient and convenient paperless fax, its powerful management features practical, taking into account the fax in each step, so that each fax processes to achieve a paperless, completely solve the high costs of traditional fax machines, low efficiency, security, insecurity and many other ills; EastFax through the Internet, email, SMS integration, but also realized the business anytime, anywhere wireless office dream.

From the blue sea of development, the industry leader

In view of enterprise information requirements are high, the cost of great influence for the business office, the fax market has long been dominated by foreign brands situation. In the high-end market, the United States Rightfax high price for small and medium enterprises with Despair, even for large enterprises continue to upgrade the charges brought up a heavy burden. In the low-end market, Winfax can only achieve as stand-alone fax, network fax mode is not simply not suited to growing a business information delivery needs. So, EastFax R & D personnel with the 2002 to 2004, two years will be the fax server made up of hope to the world, unfortunately, is that the front is the harsh reality, when the intelligent fax server market is far from mature, most enterprises still rely on traditional fax, fax technologies for the emerging security and stability of general suspicion. At this time, EastFax no choice back and hype arbitrage, but by a series of efforts to develop this piece of blue ocean.

2004, fax server market in China still is immobility time, EastFax first in China to release Personal Edition, and very forward-looking version will be available to individual users to download and free use for life, in all the major software download site to download active users , in the major forum for users through word of mouth, short period of time has made EastFax has nearly 50 million subscribers. After this stroke, the country's fax users to not only know EastFax, also understand the principles of fax server applications.

In 2005, the influence of relying on the network EastFax growing circumstances, EPSON initiative to find a EastFax, wants to use EastFax powerful fax capabilities to conduct a joint marketing operation. During this event, EastFax cooperation with EPSON sent tens of thousands of units in the country EastFax software, tens of thousands of sets of products with one machine EPSON recognized by numerous small and medium enterprises, through EastFax completed these enterprises intelligent fax server, network of the Enlightenment, full ripening of the fax server market.

In EastFax efforts, more and more companies come to trust the intelligent fax server, more and more enterprises begin to use and experience EastFax efficient low power and security caused by fast. In 2006, EastFax sales growth has finally become from the continuing growth in leaps and bounds, accounting for more than half the domestic market, while the entire domestic intelligent fax server market activity up in EastFax lead, the market increasingly mature, consumers and the subsequent follow-up of the manufacturers is also increasing.

Century-old standard elf legend to the big giant thin

On the product, one has often been quoted to the words "first class standards of business sale", then the first-class enterprises in the fax device is the choice of what kind of standards?

Manufacturing giant Mengniu Dairy, Wong Lo Kat, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Michelin tires, Gree Electric Appliances, ViewSonic, Tyco Electronics, Hitachi, Xizhilang, Hudong Heavy, Sany Heavy Industry, and into the bathroom, bull electrical Select the EastFax.

The benchmark retail chain supermarket Auchan, Watson, Lianhua Supermarket, Century Mart, Ocean Department Store, Pizza Hut, BannerStore, Po-year-old department store selection is EastFax.

TNT Logistics China headquarters of multinational carrier, the French CMA CGM, International Transportation, COSCO Shipping, Le transport international freight forwarding, international logistics Sinotrans chemicals the most important day will also fax the information they entrust EastFax.

From Ctrip, Sheraton Hotel, Westin Hotel, to HengDian, Shanghai East Shanghaiguolv, Ocean International Travel Service, all with EastFax to send warmth of the people away from home.

The century-old Chinese and EastFax, not only because of powerful and stable applications, more often their value is EastFax with their similar but not flowery attitude and spirit of all our customers, EastFax the user interface simple, without all the sensationalism of the complicated ornaments, and some mail systems just as easy and the interface are only as stable and large enterprise systems.

As multinational corporations, like the infiltration of people's daily lives, in their daily office work, may not even feel the presence of EastFax, but inadvertently, business fax costs have been saving more than 70%, a large number of staff were from the fax machine edge of the liberation, all-weather system of the international time difference between sending a fax no longer an obstacle, business processes significantly reduce the Group's information is more thorough security. Large enterprises has always been a monster, its processes to achieve an office on turn undoubtedly a difficult and slow, for these hundred years old, EastFax like an elf, with his strange little IT wisdom lightly, then Help giants seems infinitely more difficult to complete the process of downsizing the office.

Market ruthless, who is the swim to the final piece of salmon?

In 2007, a fax server market stability after several years of development of a harvest year, this year, extremely busy fax server market, customer number, the supplier is even based on the number of geometric increase, then the fax server market in the mixed , IT industry, the concept of repeated speculation through the fax server market, the wind blew in again. As consumers, major corporations, helplessly caught in the no choice or fax server brand, can not distinguish between publicity and advertising really so practical embarrassment.

Meanwhile, the fierce market competition not only consumers in the selection there was no way to start, let into a low-cost domestic fax server manufacturers to repeat the cycle of competition, just mature market, instant let many young companies feel the winter's chill .

And is this year, EastFax started out co-operation with the international brand in a subsidiary position, made to persuade the high end of the strategic cooperation. Their co-operation with the Sharp is the first one to achieve a seamless integration with the digital composite machine examples. The parent company and EastFax Sharp Park complex electronic form strategic partnership, will EastFax with the Sharp multifunctional digital composite machine to integrate the two products complement each other, to provide users with the most comprehensive paperless fax solution. Combined with the current year already can not compare with EPSON, electric Fair in Suzhou and Nanjing, Bo was soft, two brands stand side by side, EastFax as a new fax technology representatives, and traditional office equipment perfect integration and strategic cooperation, is a breakthrough in the broader sense is also a traditional office equipment transfer and upgrade of the signal.

Current EastFax, consider more than just big business office costs and fax process issues, EastFax product line tailored for SMEs already have products at all levels, concerned about the growth of small and medium enterprises, for small business users further reduce the overall cost has been put on the EastFax agenda.

Is the constant efforts and breakthrough, EastFax in the intense competition in 2007, still beautiful with a series of data to defend their "internal fax server, the first brand" status: in the domestic market share in fax server, EastFax the answer is 65% ; utility users has exceeded 2 million; the user quality, a growing number of world top 500 enterprises in China are to the Oriental Wizard process into the office; in after-sales services, EastFax in the east and south China, north China's after-sales service complete coverage of the business center of China's major cities intensive ... ...

In the brand marketing class, I believe we all heard the words: "No brand will create a lot of their own to promote the first, there is a regional first, some of the first period, some even on the only imagine made up the first. "EastFax often say, the pursuit of a goal never ranked only customer needs, changing market needs is EastFax the future. A series of facts have been confirmed in a fax server, who is an industry leader? In the domestic market, EastFax that adhere to swim to the final piece of salmon. Turning to the future, always a rare low-key EastFax actually expose his own ambitions: to EastFax the brand, as its name underlines it, as office equipment market in the world to occupy a place - the Asians own a fax!


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

FreeBSD forget the root password of a repair

When changing jobs, the root account to the next manager, the result not very children know bsd, I told him to change the password, changed,
After time to time do not forget the.

I have set on the console and ttyv are security restrictions, so even single-user mode can not entered, the scene has not fixCD, only another
Taiwan bsd system, I have root privileges.

So hard to forget your password link to have root privileges on the system.
First check the file system
# Fsck-y / dev/ad2s1
Mount to a directory
# Mount / dev/ad2s1 / mnt
Creating a chroot environment with
# Chroot / mnt
Then mounted into the inside of the usr directory is lost root password
# Fsck-y / dev/ad2s1f
# Mount / dev/ad2s1f / mnt
Set Password
# / Usr / sbin / passwd root
Setting, the hard drive in exchange for the original machine. Normal landing.

Restart FreeBSD, when there is countdown time to press any key (except Enter), then enter the''boot-s'', enter the system after the first run `# / sbin / mount-a`, now you can use `passwd `to modify the root password.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Avex DVD to PSP Video Suite

DVD to PSP Video Suite

Avex DVD to PSP Video Suite is an All-in-One & One-Click solution to create PSP movies. It Converts DVDs, TV shows and home Videos directly to PSP. The software combines both DVD to PSP Converter and PSP Video Converter in one package at a great discount.

The software features superb Video/Audio quality, the fastest Conversion speed (Up to 3x faster). And it's easy to use! A great software for PSP fans.

- Convert DVD, MPEG, Tivo, WMV, AVI, DivX/Xvid, RM, MOV Videos, etc to PSP Video.
- Built-in X!-Speed transcode technology. Up to 3x faster than conventional Converter.
- Fully optimized for Dual-Core, HyperThread Processors, SSE2/SSE/MMX/3DNow!
- Support H.264 (High quality) and MPEG4 in MP4 format used in Sony PSP
- Adjustable Video size: 320x240, 368x208 and even undocumented 400x192 (Extra-Widescreen secrete resolution).
- Optimized settings for superb Video playback on PSP devices.
- Included PSP Video manager. Easy to build your to-be-watched list and click to transfer.
- Supports Conversion in batch mode.