Thursday, July 22, 2010

FreeBSD forget the root password of a repair

When changing jobs, the root account to the next manager, the result not very children know bsd, I told him to change the password, changed,
After time to time do not forget the.

I have set on the console and ttyv are security restrictions, so even single-user mode can not entered, the scene has not fixCD, only another
Taiwan bsd system, I have root privileges.

So hard to forget your password link to have root privileges on the system.
First check the file system
# Fsck-y / dev/ad2s1
Mount to a directory
# Mount / dev/ad2s1 / mnt
Creating a chroot environment with
# Chroot / mnt
Then mounted into the inside of the usr directory is lost root password
# Fsck-y / dev/ad2s1f
# Mount / dev/ad2s1f / mnt
Set Password
# / Usr / sbin / passwd root
Setting, the hard drive in exchange for the original machine. Normal landing.

Restart FreeBSD, when there is countdown time to press any key (except Enter), then enter the''boot-s'', enter the system after the first run `# / sbin / mount-a`, now you can use `passwd `to modify the root password.

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